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Change of Status
 to f1

FOR CHANGE OF STATUS TO F1 STUDENTS (Inside the US with other Visas)

Once you have entered the US, your plans may change and you might need to change your visa status to align with your new plans. When that happens, you will need to apply to change your status in the US. Different visa status means different activities and therefore you must keep your visa updated with the purpose for which you are staying in the US.

We at Bluedata aim to make students’ journeys abroad easier. We have a team of staff and counselors to guide students throughout including visa-related issues too, helping them ace their academic programs without having to worry about the change of status to F1.


​Generally, visitors may apply to change their non-immigrant status with US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USICS), while remaining in the US upon meeting the following requirements:

How to apply for F-1 VISA USA?​

  • You had been enrolled in Bluedata’s program.

  • Your current non-immigrant status is valid.

  • You have not violated any condition of your current status.

  • You are not involved in any criminal activities.

Follow these steps to get your status changed:

  1. Apply to and receive acceptance from a SEVP-certified school (Bluedata).

  2. Receive a valid I-20 Form for your school.

  3. Pay the I-901 SEVIS fee.

  4. File an I-539 form with supporting documents to USCIS.

  5. Wait until your application has been approved by USCIS and then start attending school as an F1 student.

If you are legally in the US with a visa status that is not F1 (i.e. – B1, B2, J1, J2, H1B, etc.), you can apply to change your status to F1 and study at Bluedata. Please follow the easy 5-step application process described below.


Fill out and submit the Student Application Form and M-EPT Entrance Test. Pay all required fees and course tuition.


  • Submit the following necessary documents:

  • Copy of passport, valid for at least 6 months.

  • Copy of current visa, I-94 card (Front and Back)

  • Copy of highest diploma or transcript. (For IELTS, Students must have at least a high school diploma or equivalent)

  • Bank statement, no more than 90 days old


  • 1 semester – $5,500

  • 2 semesters – $10,000​

  • One academic year (3 semesters) - $14,500 // For ESL, Academic Writing, Business English, and Critical Thinking programs.

*All documents must be in English.



Submit the complete application package, including all fees, to USCIS.



Once your change of status application is approved, report to Bluedata to complete registration. You will be asked to do the following:

-Finish placement procedure, if applying for academic/enrichment courses

-Student Orientation

-Register for class



Begin your studies at Bluedata!


Call to find out how at (212) 683-6250 or email us at

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