Online Instruction Official Announcement

Dear Students,

Given this week's rapidly changing circumstances, we have some important matters to relay.

In order to protect our students, faculty, and staff, the school would like to announce that we will begin transitioning to online instruction from 3/16/20.

1) From 3/12/20, all teachers have started to review the online software during class time.

2) From 3/16 all classes will transition to online instruction. If you need help with using the online platform, you can visit the main office for assistance.

For 3/23 semester students, please see the attachment “Instructions of Using Zoom” to learn how to use the platform. If you need help with using the platform, you can contact the main office.

Each class has a class ID (Meeting ID), which you will need to access the online class. Please see the attachment “Bluedata Online Class ID” to find your class’s ID.

Although we are transitioning to online instruction, students must still attend the online class as full-time students. Your teacher will continue to mark your attendance.

We expect online instruction to last at least 1-2 months at this time. We will notify students if and when online instruction will end.

The main office will remain open. Students should continue to contact the school for registration and other cases (I-20 extensions, payments, questions, etc).

During this time, all students should take care, and continue to follow advice from the following organizations:

CDC: COVID-19 Prevention

New York State Department of Health: Coronavirus Webpage

New York City Department of Health: Coronavirus Webpage

For further questions, please contact your school agent. Thank you for your patience.

Bluedata International Institute

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