All Bluedata Classes Resume on Monday 3/30/202

Dear Students,

We wanted to let you know that we are working with teachers and staffs to provide you the best online instruction. 

And we are glad to announce that, with the great improvement of our curricular, all our classes will be resumed on Monday 3/30/2020.

For 1/27/2020, 2/21/2020 (WE), 2/24/2020,3/20/2020(WE), and 3/23/2020 semesters, your class schedules and your course end dates will not be changed due to the class suspension. 

For 1/24/2020 (WE) semester, your course end date will be extended one more week till April 5, 2020. Please be ready to attend the last week (4/3/2020-4/5/2020) of your semester. 

Remember to download the free Zoom software and join your online class with your class ID (Meeting ID as attached) on time. If you disconnect Zoom in the middle of the class, please exit Zoom and join your class with the same ID again. 

At this critical moment, your health and safety remain our top priority. Remember, you should always follow your local guidelines first. We hope you can enjoy our online class and keep yourself safe and healthy!

Any questions or concerns, please contact your school agents. 

Best regards,

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